The Spark That Triggered the First World War

Franz_ferdinandWhat started World War 1? As with most conflicts it was a variety of ideals but the first incident that truly leads to the First World War was the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This murder would set off a wide range of chain reactions and national treaties between Austria, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom. The Dual Alliance that had taken form about 40 years before the start of the actual war had created an increasing amount tensions between these nations and as the unrest continued it could be seen that other parts of the world as well eventually leading to their involvement.

The unrest and eventual conflicts continue to grow between Italy, France, Germany, the British Empire, Russia and the Dual Alliance between Austria and Hungary. The rivalry between some of these nations was built around wealth and power as well as ideologies. After the murder of Austrian Franz Ferdinand the war began and led to the nations that would later be described as the “authors of war”.

The murder of Ferdinand triggered mobilized forces on the part of different nations and while it took quite a while for the first actual attack to come into play, once they did the mobilized forces started to come together and fight what is called the “total war”. By the time the war ended there were 4 major imperial powers that seemed to have fallen; the German, Russian, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires.

The end of the First World War may have been a welcomed sight but the tensions between these nations, some fallen and some still standing, was never quite resolved. The road to WW2 was paved by the First World War and it all was started by an assassination attempt, the major spark that would start the First World War in its entirety.

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