The “coolness” of the kayak and my love for fishing on a kayak

Sustainable FishingDue to the rapid rise in the popularity of kayaks, people who have some skill in kayaking are now being perceived as being “cool”. Kayaking is now the cool thing to do on a vacation. The fancier the activity, the better. This has even brought about the new craze of paddling whilst standing on a kayak (paddle boarding). Apart from paddle boarding being a recreational activity, it has been embraced as a sporting activity.

Kayaking can be used for many activities. Traditionally, kayaks were used for hunting, fishing and for transportation. They were invented and used by the Inuit community in Greenland. Greenland is a place with harsh icy conditions and the people there mainly survive on meat from marine animals. Kayaks were and are still the Inuit’s main fishing vessel.

Today kayaks made in the original design are still used albeit there have been adjustments to some of the designs, and the materials used to make them.

Kayaks made in the traditional sit-in design are used today for sporting activities, for sea touring, for marine military purposes, and other water activities that are intense and might involve navigating through rough waters.

Most of the kayaks today are recreational kayaks. These are kayaks used especially by vacationers and they are not used in very rough waters. They are used to majorly to relax on water, to cross short distances, to tour the coast, or for fishing.

I love fishing using a kayak. My love for fishing began when I was a young boy and I would accompany my father on fishing expeditions. My father was a great angler and he had great fishing experience which he had accumulated over a long time. Growing up he had taught me a lot about fishing. He had taught me all the tricks involved in fishing such as where to get the best fish, when to fish, the characteristics of different fish, the best equipment for fishing, and much more about fishing.

The love for fishing that my father had instilled in me continued to flourish even after I got into adulthood. I however improved my approach towards fishing.

Whilst fishing with my dad we had done the fishing mostly from the banks of the river or lake and sometimes we would wade into the shallow waters. I however later discovered the kayak. Using a kayak, I can move further into the waters and get fish which is deep in the waters. This way, the chances of getting a catch are higher.

Going out on the kayak is also fun. I love the action of paddling on water and steering the kayak. I love exploring all kinds of hidden crooks and crannies on the shore. When fishing using a kayak, I can get the fish which are hiding in some of the places that are seldom accessed by other people. While fishing on a kayak, you are also able to enjoy the immense feeling of being out in the expansive water with no one around you but the calm quiet and the lapping of waves due to the breeze.