The Appeal of Being Fashionable

The Appeal of Being Fashionable

Learn how to choose the perfect leggings with some practical fashion tips.

Leggings or tights are practically available at any boutique that sells clothes as they are considered part of the current fashion essential. Not only do they come in the usual blacks, whites and grays, they come in insanely broad variety of patterns, colors and textures too. If you’ve tried leggings once and have fallen in love with their extremely comfortable leg-hugging properties and no-fuss, welcome to the club. I have said it before and I will say it again – if you haven’t tried them before, girl (or boy) what are you waiting for? For beginners who want to know how to pick the perfect leggings, please continue reading for some practical tips that will make your leggings-shopping experience easy and fun!

Lovers of leggings have learned their lesson that their fabric content is the most important thing that you should look out. Leggings can be made of cotton, PVC, lycra and also rayon. The use of different materials yields different coverage, in other words – it affects the level of sheerness or opaqueness the leggings.

Comfortable cotton leggings are my favorite and the reasons are because: They are not sheer (see-through) because I’m not Gaga, they do not get snagged easily (I have fingernails that are a tiny bit long for a vampire) and they last a really long time (I’m no Paris Hilton).

Know that a nice thick material of opaque leggings (which are made of cotton) can help hide stretched areas as opposed to sheer ones. Don’t forget to always cover your assets at all times because no ones to see your buttocks hanging out, no matter how wonderfully-formed they are (except for pervs). You can also choose cotton-lycra or cotton-polyester-lycra combination which is fantastic for fashion and practical as work-out wear.

And then there are shiny leggings which are emerging as a fashion trend today. They are usually made of a mix of nylon and spandex. If you love leather/latex-like appearance that accentuates the shape of your legs – these are great for evening or club wear. So go buy them!

The rule of buying anything that you’ll be wearing is common sense: It should fit YOU. While, there are free-size legging types out there, you still have measure (or take into account) the size of your legs and hips. Some people are so skinny that the free-sized leggings will stay loose on them, making them look like anorexic.

Others (like me) have a heavier bottom that sometimes -through no fault of the material or the size of my rear end- can stretch the poor leggings beyond its capacity.

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