Tackling my weight problem through kayaking

kayaking-1My body weight has been troubling me for very many years. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to get that great body with a magnificent six pack to boast of. Unfortunately, I have continually had one massive pack in my midsection.

I have tried dieting many times but it is obvious that dieting alone cannot help me attain the physique that I long for. I have to combine my dieting with working out. I have to involve myself in strenuous physical activities that will help to burn up the extra fat in my body.

The problem I have always had whenever I attempted to start doing physical exercises was that I would quickly get bored with the strenuous activities. I would go no more than two weeks before my interest would disappear. However, I came across a great activity that I could embrace that I don’t think I will get bored of very fast.

I had visited the beach for a weekend with my fiancé and we had decided to try kayaking. I had always seen people on the recreational kayaks on the sea but I had never had interest to participate. That day, my fiancé suggested we try it. She wanted us to try kayaking in tandem. I agreed.

After a few hours on the water, it was evident that we enjoyed the activity. We were on a sit-on-top kayak that we used to leisurely tour the calm waters and enjoy the sun. We loved the great response we received from the kayak which was very easy to maneuver around.

That night, I was terribly tired as I went to sleep. My entire body was on fire with muscle pains. Leisurely paddling on the water I had not realized how much work I had been doing. But the effects on my body clearly showed that I had done quite a lot of work.

This gave me the idea that maybe I could be doing this as my workout exercise. The paddling exercise was good because it worked many muscles in the body. I could feel pains in my arms and biceps, my chest, my abdomen, and on my legs especially in my thighs. This was therefore a good exercise activity since it worked many muscles at the same time and therefore it was good for burning calories faster.

I was happy with taking on kayaking as an exercise activity because I enjoyed it so I would be motivated to do it often. Also, I had heard about a club of kayakers that sailed together every weekend. The club members involved themselves in many rigorous activities each weekend. I had inquired and I had been told that the main aim of the members is to help each other keep fit as they enjoyed kayaking. Joining this club would be extra motivation. The club had strict rules about absenteeism and so this would help with discipline.

To join the club, I had to however acquire my own kayak. The club advocated for an inflatable kayak since it was very affordable and easy to carry around.