Enjoying life in a quiet social countryside town

Enjoying lifeMy wife and I live in a very beautiful neighborhood. We have lived here for all our life since we got married. We have raised our children and seen them move out and get married from this same beautiful home. We are well acquainted with all the neighbors around us most of whom are also old timers apart from a few homes where newcomers have moved in. The newcomers are also jolly fellows who have adapted well and embraced the neighborliness.

This is an ancestral town for me. My grandfather moved into this town when it was nothing but a dense forest. He came alongside other gentlemen. They were loggers and they were searching for a place to settle. When they found this place, they decided to settle. The area was all forest for many miles around. There was a lot of timber to be harvested here. Through many difficulties, they established the foundations for this town.

My father continued my grandfather’s legacy by building a major logging factory within the town. Two other sons of the pioneering fathers of the town also built timber processing factories. The three factories led to the rapid growth of the town. When a small airstrip was built to complement the railway and comprehensive road network, the population flourished and many commercial companies came to invest in the town.

By the time the logging factory was handed to me, the town had grown to be a big cosmopolitan area. Despite the developments, the hospitable atmosphere of the pioneering families did not abate. This was a beautiful quiet town on the countryside that was keen to uphold its welcoming sociable traditions.

I am now advanced in my years and I am not as robust as I was. My son has taken over much of the operations of the company. I only lend a hand here and there especially when it comes to major decisions. Most of the time I would rather just tour the forests in my truck and ensure that the trees are cut and replanted accordingly.

My wife is a retired teacher having taught at a nearby school for many years. She now runs a kitchenware store that supplies all kinds of kitchen appliances. Many of the middle-aged folks in town were her students. Having been a friendly compassionate teacher, her store is very popular with the townsfolks.

My wife and I are great partners. Our love for each other has never lessened. We always enjoy being in the company of each other. We love doing things together such as walking the quite sidewalks of the town. One thing we love doing together very much is cooking.

My wife is a very good cook and I am no pushover either. We often spend our evenings preparing complex foods from recipes we find on the internet. Since when our last child moved out of the house, most of our free time is spent together in the kitchen. Since my wife runs a kitchenware shop, we are able to get any kind of cooking appliance necessary to cook any type of exotic food.