Basic foundations of love & the importance of working together

mutual attractionLove is a bond between two people that is formed due to a mutual attraction towards each other. Many times love starts when two people are attracted to each other physically. Physical attraction usually is the trigger that makes one or both of the people in question to take a step further and start an interaction.

Love however is not purely based on physical attraction. Actually, physical attraction is not very important. Many times, a man can approach a beautiful woman and after a short conversation his interest wanes off. This also happens with women. Love needs both parties to find a likeable personality in the other person. A personality that one can comfortably put up with.

Personality is a major thing that cements two people together. A good personality unlike age does not grow old and does not change easily. Actually, the more time that two people stay together, the more they acclimatize their personalities to be likable for the other person. Physical looks cannot be altered and they instead deteriorate with time.

Apart from physical looks and personality, another thing that brings people together is the love for doing the same thing. This is especially emphasized in the common song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The artist claims that the mutual adoration of the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in him and in the girl, is a starting point for a relationship. This is in most cases very true. People who love doing the same things can easily develop love for each other.

There is usually a lot of important bonding when people share in doing a similar thing which they both love doing.

A good example of a bonding activity that creates strong relationships is fishing. A father and son can create an impervious bond by regularly going fishing alone in the wilds. The quiet time spent doing something nice away from the day to day disruptions of daily life helps people learn more about each other, trust each other, and they are able to confide to each other.

It is especially very effective if the two people are engaging in an activity that requires the input of both parties. An activity such as kayaking in tandem or cycling in tandem is a great way of bonding together. The navigation of the kayak or the moving of the bicycle requires input from both parties for its success. Working together helps the parties involved to learn to depend on each other.

Working together in an activity that requires the input of all parties is very important especially when there is some friction between the parties involved. It is more effective if this is a fun activity. A good example is again kayaking in tandem.

Despite any prior misunderstandings between two people, when they are kayaking in tandem, they have to learn to work together. If one steers the kayak to the left and the other steers to the right, no progress will be made. Both have to agree. Eventually, any hard feelings between the two people will disappear.